Travel to Dubai from UK

Travel tips for UK based traveler who is planning to visit Dubai

Dubai is one of the major tourist destinations in the world. The place is filled with enormous buildings, oceans, food, amazing nightlife, etc. It is full of futuristic charms and beauty. Dubai brings plenty of options of all kinds, form the adventure sports to relaxing resorts to museums, indeed a not to miss task in your list. Every minute you spend in the place will be worth it, the city is every traveler’s dream destination, and it never ceases to surprise you with human-made wonders like Burj khalifa, vast deserts, etc.

5 important points to be noted:

Dubai is very large, and it has many things to explore. With proper planning and some traveling tips, you can spend qualitative time in Dubai. Some of the tips to travel from the UK to Dubai are:

1. The best time to visit: The best time to visit Dubai is winter, from November to March. Since, in this period, the weather usually will be harsh in the UK, you can plan the vacation and travel from the UK to Dubai.

2. Documents to be taken: Currently, the holders of full British passport are granted a free of charge visitor or tourist visa upon arrival in Dubai. Application in advance of the travel is not needed. The passport will be stamped at the immigration of the UAE airport, and the visa issued for British passport holders are valid for 30 days.

3. What to pack: Dubai holds some strict laws regarding the clothing. For women, revealing and tight-fitting clothes are not suggested. Dubai is generally hot, so during the day time, considering the climate, loose and light clothes are more preferred. You can also take sunscreens and glasses to protect from the sun. And Dubai has a splendid ocean life, so it is a good idea to pack the swimwear while traveling from the UK to Dubai.

4. Transport private basis: For mobilization to get local transport or roam around the city, it is preferred to take local transport like a taxi service. But don’t forget to take a city map with you. While renting a car is an excellent option to be in your own time, make sure to drive within the speed limits and obeying the rules. We do not advise sharing transport due to Virus threat.

5. Enjoying the nightlife: Dubai has many bars and nightclubs, which generally function until 3 am. The legal age to get alcohol in Dubai is 21. There are many dinner cruises to enjoy the marine life and to have good dining. The street food in Dubai is also amazing and very hygienic since the government has strict rules regarding hygiene. And there are many food festivals also. Food lover’s paradise indeed, with plenty of cuisines to experience through. Dubai is the best place for you.

Dubai hosts the biggest and popular shopping mall globally, with various adventure activities and amazing nightlife; you cannot have enough of this second largest emirate in the UAE. It also holds various world records, including the world’s tallest building to the longest painting in the world. It also has the largest fire map of the world, and this list goes on.