60 days visit visa for UAE price

The 60 Days UAE Visa is a prepaid e-visa for foreigners who wish to stay in the UAE for up to 60 days. It is ideal for those planning to stay longer than 30 days but not as long as 60 days. Required documents include a scanned copy of a valid passport, a return ticket, and a colored photo with plain background.

If you are going to Dubai and applying for 60 days tourist visa for single or multiple visa, then make sure to find the visa charges and how we can help you to get it. Visa is an important document for travelling to different countries. Without proper investigation and personal data verification, visa is not issued against the individual that can hinder the travel. Thus it becomes necessary to process visa application with reliable services to ensure a hassle free experience which saves a lot of trouble, time and money.



Visit visa for Dubai for 2 months price

Dubai visa fees for 60 days Visa price
Dubai tourist Visa (Validity 60 Days)  599 AED Buy Now
30 days multiple Visa (Validity 1 Months) 799 AED Buy Now
60 days multiple visa (Validity 60 Days) 1199 AED Buy Now 
Dubai Tourist Visa (Validity 30 Days) 399 AED Buy Now 
Insurance with 60 days tourist visa  125* AED Buy Now 




Apply 2 months visit visa Dubai

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Note: Email us your documents at query@albarontourism.com

60 day visit visa Dubai

Dubai visa processing is stringent and rigid. For 60 days visa, it is valid for 58 days from the date of issue and one can stay in the UAE for a total of 2 months or 60 days from the date of entry into the country. Generally people who want to stay longer in the UAE to visit friends/family, for business purpose, for attending seminars/fairs or just for travel purpose apply for this type of visa. Anyone holding a valid passport can apply for UAE visa.

How to apply visit visa for Dubai for 2 months?

One can opt for both online as well as physical payment methods for application of Dubai visa. What one has to do is follow the simple three step method to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Fill visa application form online.
  • Send necessary documents by email or whats app to us.
  • Pay the processing and service fees.

Alternatively one can opt for bank transfers or cash deposit and physically hand over the necessary documents to our professionals. The same can be done through email as well as a telephone call and our executives will help and guide you to complete the process.

You can also apply for Abu Dhabi Visa here.

Upon successful completion of document submission, the application is reviewed and further processed and visa is handed over at the earliest.

Documents required for 60 Days Visa

  • Valid passport and copy of the first and last page of the passport. The validity of the passport should be at least for 2 months
  • Colored passport photograph with a white background
  • Confirmed return air ticket (After visa approval)
  • Hotel booking documents if no guarantor (After visa approval)
  • If any guarantor, his/her passport copy and residence proof are required

It is to be ensured that none of the mandatory or supporting documents are blurred which might lead to cancellation of visa. For any help or consultation, feel free to contact us here.

Applications can be processed online and should be done two months prior to flying. Applying through us rules out the need of sponsor letter and is also cost effective.

For knowing your visa processing fees click here. All fees are inclusive of taxes and service charges. A security deposit  in case of some nationality is required to be submitted, which is refundable.

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1. Who Can Apply for a 2 Months Visit Visa for Dubai?

You can apply for a Dubai visit visa for any of the following purposes:

– Vacation

– Family Visit

– Training or Internship

– Business

– Other Personal or Work-related Purposes

2. What do single Visa and multiple visa mean?

A single tourist visa means that your permission to enter Dubai is valid for only one visit. In this case, the duration of your stay may be between 60 to 70 days, depending on the allowance granted by the immigration service.

A multiple Tourist visa allows you to travel to and from Dubai multiple times. You may enter and exit as often as you like within a 60-day period starting from your initial entry.

In both cases, you must enter Dubai within 60 days from the date of visa issuance to maintain its validity.

3. Can I apply for a job in Dubai on a 2 month visit visa?

Active employment in Dubai on a visitor visa is deemed illegal by the country’s immigration laws.

However, you may look for a job and/or interview while holding a visitor visa. Once you find a company willing to appoint you as an employee, your employer will need to apply for a change in your visa status. Your visa status must change from visitor/tourist visa to resident visa (with or without exit).

4. In how many days will I receive my visitor visa?

The visa processing time varies from candidate to candidate and may range between 3 to 15 days. As a precautionary step, we recommend applying for your visit visa 30 days before your travel date.

5. Are there any specific age criteria to consider for a visit visa application for Dubai?

Dubai visit visa requires males below the age of 18 years and females below the age of 22 to apply along with their parents, guardians, or husband, whoever is applicable. If not, such applicants below the mentioned age limit may face visa denial.

6. Can a recently married female whose new name and other concerning details have not been updated in the passport yet apply for a visit visa for Dubai?

Yes, such applicants can apply for a visit visa for Dubai. However, such applicants are required to attach the following with their visa application:

  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from their parents
  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding card
  • Marriage photograph with their husband
  • Photo ID proof

7. What kind of photograph can I attach to my visa application?

Your visa application photograph must be passport-sized, colored, and front-facing with a white background. There should be no accessories in the photograph, such as a hat, mask, or sunglasses that may cover your face.

You may wear your religious headgear. However, it should not cover or hide your (applicant’s) face in any way.

8. Can I apply for a Dubai visit visa without a return ticket?

Yes. It is not mandatory to attach your return ticket or a valid ticket to the next destination while applying for a visit visa to travel to Dubai. Visa approvals do come without air ticket submission. Before travelling you need to book two way ticket Otherwise, you may face issues while boarding and may be entry will be denied at Dubai airport.