The Best Dry Fruits in Dubai

Shopping heaven:

Dubai is a tourist’s delight with numerous shopping options. Right from the duty-free sections at the airport to the huge malls, hypermarkets, speciality stores and online stores, Dubai is a shoppers paradise. The shops offer an array of products suited to varied tastes and budgets. Dubai is also famous for a range of dry fruits arriving from countries like Afghan and Iran.

A great gifting option

Dry fruits are also a great gifting option since they last long. Dry fruits and Dry fruit based sweets can be found at economical prices in the duty-free section at Dubai Airport. These are aimed at travellers looking for a quick snack or gifting option. Those at leisure to explore Dubai can visit huge hypermarkets like Spinneys, Carrefour, Lulu, Waitrose and Union Co-operative Society where they offer a great ambience and a wide variety of packaged dry fruits. Carrefour has a very good reputation for selling premium quality dry fruits. Tourists can choose from pre-packaged dry fruits or get dry fruits packed in front of them. Union Coop supermarket also sells an assortment of dry fruits at reasonable prices.

Tourists can also look forward to purchasing premium quality dry fruits in smaller shops like Choc & Nuts, which offer dry fruits sourced from Iran, Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Chile and America. Tourists can taste and select the desired nuts which are then packed in airtight packs suitable for long-distance transportation.

Abro Nuts Dubai is also a dry fruit and chocolate speciality store which stocks premium dry fruits sourced from various countries around the world. There are also dry fruit-based chocolate available in this store. Abshar Iranian Sweets is another speciality store located on Jumeirah Beach Road which specialises in dry fruits imported from Iran. Pakistan based Empress Market is also a good option for those looking for dry fruits.

Those looking for dates can visit the Dates souk at Deira Food Market which sells fresh dates. Packed dates are easily found in all the major supermarkets and local shops. Dates can also be purchased at the Bateel outlets located across Dubai. Bateel shops stock more than 20 varieties of dates. Among them Khidri, Sokari, Madjool and Kholas are popular with the consumers. There is also a huge Khajoor Market waiting for date lovers. The dates are arranged in huge mounds which the consumers can touch and feel. They are then packed according to the customer’s requirements. The dates are imported from places like Iran, Oman and Algeria. The price of dates can range from 38 AED to 78 AED depending on the quality and country of origin.

Local Experience:

Tourists can visit Dubai Spice souk for a first-hand experience of traditional Arab style markets. The local vendors and bargaining can be a great cultural experience for the tourists. The prices are negotiable and tourists with bargaining skills can expect to strike a good deal. A stroll through Meena Bazaar is another option for those looking to purchase dry fruits at economical rates. Tourists can enjoy the Asian ambience and get a first-hand experience of shopping on Asian streets.


The prices of dried fruits and nuts are in the range Pistas 100 AED/Kg, Cashew 110 AED/Kg, Apricot 12,8 USD=47 AED, Figs 46 AED/Kg, Walnut shelled 52.50/kg, Peanuts shelled from 20 AED, Almonds 58 AED/kg.