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Cheap Holiday Packages for Dubai


Dubai is a vibrant city in the United Arab Emirates and is a major tourist magnet because of its pleasant weather and world class sightseeing spots. Dubai is also one of the most visited places by tourists in the world every year. Whether it is the highest building in the world – Burj Khalifa or the biggest botanical garden. Dubai has everything which can excite a tourist. Dubai is also in close vicinity from India. Flight from New Delhi to Dubai takes around three and a half hour. As a result, it becomes the favorite holiday destination among Indians as well as throughout the world.

There are mostly budget travelers who are looking for cheap Dubai tour packages online as well as from tour operators. There are many tour packages and custom made packages one can find in the here. One can get two, three, four and five night’s packages on a budget. You can also get it with or without airfare. It usually comes with a three-star property and a couple of sightseeings. You can also get transfers to and from airport and hotel. There is Visa on arrival, but many tour operators offer it with the package only.  So, down here you will be familiarized with how these packages work and what they have to offer for budget travelers.

10 Days Itinerary for Travelling in Dubai, UAE

USD 699 /- PER PERSON This complete 10 Days Itinerary is perfect for travelling in UAE which includes popular tourist ...
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8 Days Itinerary Dubai Package to Travel in UAE

USD 549 /- PER PERSON Check this 8 days itinerary which is perfect to travel in UAE which includes daily ...
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4 nights 5 days Package Dubai

Price : USD 429 /- PER PERSON (3 star Hotel) Dubai packages 4 nights 5 days inclusion: 4 nights stay ...
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5 nights 6 days Package Dubai

Cost: USD 465 /- PER PERSON 5 nights Dubai package inclusions: 5 nights stay in Dubai (Standard Room) Daily Breakfast (Buffet ...
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3 nights 4 days Package Dubai

USD 329 /- PER PERSON Explore 4 days in Dubai with us, our 4 days package include all basic ingredient to ...
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2 nights 3 days Package Dubai

USD 299 /- PER PERSON 3 days in Dubai Includes: 2 nights stay in Dubai (Standard Room) Daily Breakfast (Buffet options) ...
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6 nights 7 days Dubai package

USD 499 /- PER PERSON Lets plan Dubai Itinerary 7 days as per below packages details and inclusions. You can ...
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24 hours in dubai

Dubai is magical to the point that even 24 hours remain here will make recollections that would keep going forever! ...
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Cheap Dubai land Packages

Touch and leave Package – Starting price USD 239

  • This is only a two nights and three days package.
  • It includes airport transfer, and a representative of the hotel will come to pick you up.
  • It also includes staying in a three-star hotel for two nights.
  • Visa fees are also part of the
  • Return flights (non-stop) with Fly Dubai airlines of the economy class is included.


  1. Glimpse of Dubai (land only) Package – USD 289 Only (Lowest as per market)
  • This is a three nights and four days package.
  • It does not include airfares.
  • It comes with a stay in a three-star hotel for three nights.
  • It comes with personal airport transfer.
  • Package cost includes visa fees.
  • It also comprises of a half day city tour which takes you to all the major attractions from the outside only.


  1. Four Nights in Paradise (land only) Package – USD 399 Per person
  • It is a four nights and five days package.
  • It also excludes air fares.
  • It comprises of a three-star hotel stay for four nights.
  • It includes transfer to and from the airport.
  • It includes visa fees as well.
  • It comes with a half day city tour which helps you experience the culture of the city.


  1. Five Nights Value Package (land only) – USD 429 Per person
  • It caters to those people who are looking for a package comprising of only hotel stay, a sightseeing tour, and airport transfer.
  • It is five nights and six-day
  • You will get stay in a three-star hotel for all the five nights with all the modern amenities.
  • Transfer to and from the airport is also included.
  • It includes a half day city tour on a double decker bus. It will take you to the Atlantis, Jumeirah Beach, and Burj Al Arab.


Hence, there are a massive number of cheap Dubai tour packages available online as well as with tour operators to cater to different needs of different individuals out there.

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