Dubai Visa Information For Indians

Dubai’s travel industry blast started in 2010 and it gives no indications of backing off! As per, Dubai welcomed 15.8 million universal visitors in 2017 alone, and you could be the next one.

One of the main things to consider when planning your special journey to Dubai is to collect all the important documentation that you will be required to show upon your arrival, for example, your Dubai visa.

UAE Visa TypeVisa Cost in Indian Rupees (INR)
 30 days Tourist visa (single entry)Rs. 6,999
 90 days Tourist visa (single entry)Rs. 14,999
30 days Tourist visa (multiple entry)Rs. 16,499
90 days Tourist visa (multiple entry)Rs. 42,900

Notes: Above prices are inclusive of admin fee and vat tax.


UAE Tourist Visa

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Dubai visa for Indians

Lucky for Indians, United Arab Emirates Ministry process online visa for Indian nationals, a procedure that can be taken care of by any travel agent or airline in easy way. Just submit required details to any visa authorized agent along with fees, and the UAE visa can be yours in a short time-frame.

Visa to Visit the UAE

If you are an Indian and want to visit Dubai this year, you can always apply for the visa online and, if you want to know more facts about UAE Visa for Indian citizens, you can read it here in this very article.

About E-visa Dubai

E-visa for Dubai is a format for fast processing of application. To welcome 20 million visitor in 2020 Dubai visa works completely on online method, where an application is typed in system by agents and approval comes online within hours. No other country in world issues visa to tourist in such a easy manner. Team of immigration officers work round the clock to upgrade their services. System is designed in a way to work 24X7 on all days to serve ever increasing demand of visitors. Tourist are also allowed to show visa on their mobile to officer, it saves them from printing visa before travelling.

Where to apply for Dubai visa?

 Indians are most frequent visitor for UAE. If you are staying in india there are many big travel companies offering visa services at good price. Namely or They process visa on volume basis. But if you wish to apply visa on your own without going thru an agent then you can opt for where no human interaction is required. You can simply click on apply online link, attach documents clear fees and your visa goes in process. belongs to Jashan Tourism L.L.C which is an authorized agent by dubai immigration for processing visa.

If You Have An Indian Passport, Do You Need A Visa To Visit The UAE?

Indians who are staying in USA and UK and have valid visa they can get Dubai visa on arrival. They dont need to apply visa prior to arrival. Their UK and USA visa should be at least 6 months valid at the time of travel. This move was taken by UAE govt to welcome NRI Indians. Many green card holders are benefited by this move. Remaining all Indians need to apply visa before departure for smooth travel.

Indian Passport Picture

What Is a Dubai Tourist Evisa?

It is an official document issued in visa system which mention name, passport number, date of birth, passport type, visa number etc. On arrival immigration office match this information in system to verify visa.

How long can you stay in UAE with visa?

Stay validity for travelers depends on which type of visa they have applied. There is 30 days and 90 days visa in single entry and multi entry format. Also extension on all types of visa is easy process too. You can play your journey and accordingly apply suitable type of visa for your stay.

What Are The Documents Required To Apply?

Before filling in online application on any website, Make sure you have valid passport.

  • Documents required by Dubai immigration– needs only passport copy and passport size photograph of applicant. In case of children sometimes birth certificate is required. Fees is deducted from agents account automatically upon posting application in system.
  • Documents required by Agent– As agent is your sponsor in Dubai, they have right to ask more documents like air ticket copy, hotel booking or stay details in Dubai. Additional fees as admin charge is also asked by agents to process your request.
  • Email address– while applying online, your visa will be sent to you by email, so ensure that you present a correct email address your approach.
  • Systems of payment– online visa fee can be paid by using visa or master card on most of the websites.

How long is Dubai visa valid?

All types of Dubai visa is valid for 60 days after issue date. Also visa expiry date is mention on visa document so you can travel accordingly.

How much does Dubai visa cost from India?

One of the basic worries about visas is the cost. Dubai visa is not very cheap  to start with, Short duration visa’s are affordable where as long duration visa which is mostly used by Indians for job search is expensive. Also keep in mind agent fees for processing your visa. Some basic visa prices are mention below for idea:

  • 30 days Tourist visa– Your visit is within 30 days, then somewhere around INR 6000  TO INR 7500 your agent can ask for. (including admin fee and vat charges)
  • 90 days Tourist visa– This visa is mostly used by old parents or family members to visit their families in UAE or job seekers who need time to find best job. Charges in indian rupees from INR 15000 to INR 18000 per application. If you are applying 3-4 visas you can surely ask discount to your agent.
  • 2 years employment visa– This visa does not come under tourism but its given to employees by their respective employer. Fees for this is INR 70000 To INR 100000. This fee is paid by employer so we dont need to worry for this huge money expenditure.

Tourist Evisa

How much time is required to Apply For Dubai Visa?

Applying visa online takes 10-15 minutes. Just upload documents and clear fees. your visa goes in process instantly. Approval and issuance of visa may take 3-4 working days.

How can I apply for Dubai visa online?

The application process is not difficult and anyone with basic computer knowledge can dot it:

  • Fill the form with details like email id and phone number.
  • Attach passport copy and passport size photograph. Additional documents in case of children.
  • Click submit and it will take you payment page. Fill your card details to complete the payment.
  • Receive e-visa by email or whats app in few days.

What Happens After you Have Applied?

You can track your application online for status. Wait for 3-4 days after payment to receive your visa.

Do Minor Children Need A UAE Visa?

Indeed. All travelers, including kids and newborn children, must have a visa to enter the UAE. Visa is based on passport, so all need visa based on their passport data.

Can I Apply For my Family Or Friends?

You you apply on behalf of any one. May be for your old parents, your kids, your friends who are planning to visit Dubai in near future.

What to do about spelling mistake in issued visa?

It happens rare but if you find there is mistake in your issued visa copy, you should contact your agent as soon as possible. As per immigration any mistake on visa is not allowed and they have right to void your visa on arrival. Best solution in this situation is to reapply new visa and get the correct visa copy in hand.

Applying Dubai visa is not rocket science and its made easy for everyone to apply with ease. Still if you have more questions you can get in touch with us for expert advise.