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Musandam Dhow Cruise

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Best Musandam tour from Dubai

Our Full Day Dhow Cruise taking you in the beautiful sights and wonderful beaches including swimming and fishing. The cave visit and water sports give you an unforgettable experience of sea adventure and unlimited memories.

Pickup from Dubai / Sharjah /RAK (3 Emirates)
Border Formalities by our team
Report at Dhow Boarding Point
Welcome Drink & Briefing of the Program
Dhow Cruise Commences
After a cruise of nearly 1 hour the Dhow will be Anchored
The guest can enjoy Snorkeling, Swimming, Kayaking, Banana Boat Ride,
Visit to Beach
Lunch at Dhow (Lunch menu given below)
Dhow Cruise for 01 Hour
Visit to Cave
Drop off at Dhow boarding Point / Departure transfer

Timing for Tour :  7-30 Am to 4-30 Pm (9 hours)

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A Traveler’s Guide to Musandam Road Trip

The abundant wildlife in the waters along the shore, in addition to the stunning mountain and sea views make Musandam an attractive tourist destination. Travelers from all around the world can be seen enjoying leisure holidays and vacations in Musandam. For those people who love spending and excellent vacation that has style, landscapes, and many more attractions in Dubai then Musandam Oman would be the best place. Before we go on to discuss all the reasons why you need to visit Musandam, let us take a look at the important details you need to know.

Planning Your Musandam Oman Trip

To ensure you can enjoy to the fullest extent, without any hassle in between your tour, you must have all the vital information regarding the prices, offers, timings, etc. This enables you to plan your trip to perfection and experience a memorable vacation in one of the most sought-out destinations around the world.


Even though Musandam is separated from Oman due to the east coastline of the UAE, it still has the same visa guidelines and procedures as the rest of Oman. The visa process is a rather simple one as you can easily attain a visa in advance. Some nationalities have special benefits as they can obtain a visa upon arrival, unlike other tourists.

Border Crossings

There are two borders which you can face while going to Musandam. As most exciting road trips to Musandam start from Dubai, you will come across the Al Dara border, which is a coastal border open for all. Even though the process to cross this border is easy, you might have to face busy traffic if you are planning for a weekend trip.

Wadi Al Baih is the second border crossing which is currently closed for foreigners and can only be accessed if you have an Omani residence visa. Moreover, due to the difficult mountainous terrain, only 4×4 cars are allowed to pass through for safety reasons.

Mode of Transportation

According to the time you have and the companions you choose for your trip, different options might suit your plan.

  1. Dubai to Musandam by Car: If you are traveling with either your family or friends, a car trip to Musandam is an option that you cannot neglect. It makes up for the best trips that you would cherish for the rest of your life. The route from Ras Al Khaimah will take you straight from the stunning man-made miracles towards the mesmerizing beauty of nature.
  2. Dubai to Musandam by Tour: The advantage of planned tours is that you can get a complete insight into the place with the help of experienced guides. As everything is pre-planned in tours, you can completely focus on enjoying and making the most of your trip. This option is perfect for you if you are traveling with your romantic companion.
  3. Dubai to Musandam by Public Transport: As you cannot take a single bus from Dubai to Musandam, traveling through public transport is best for solo travelers. You get to explore things on your own as you have to switch buses and travel with the locals.


It is difficult to decide the best time around the year for visiting Musandam as you would find it pleasing regardless of the season you visit Musandam. However, you must carry jackets in winters as the weather can be cold and windy. If you plan your trip around summer, you must have an adequate supply of water to keep you well hydrated.

Places to Explore in Musandam

There are numerous places both in and around Musandam to keep you engaged during your vacations.

  1. Oman Fjords: Also known as the Norway of Arabia, Oman Fjords offers a uniquely picturesque landscape that can leave you awe-struck. Sea life, mountains, stunning views – you can find everything here.
  2. Bimmah Sink-Hole: Another place where you can witness nature at its best is Bimmah Sink-Hole. It is a water-filled depression, which is one of the most visited places in Musandam.
  3. Khasab Castle: Built way back in the 17th century by the Portuguese, the Khasab Castle is a must-visit for those who are into architecture.
  4. Khawr Najd: The rough terrain of the road which takes you to Khawr Najd provides itself as a challenge that you must do in your trip to Musandam.
  5. Khasab Fort: The Khasab Fort provides an insight into the history of Oman and Khasab, and you can learn about the local culture by visiting this fort.

Things to Do in Musandam

Regardless of whether you are traveling to Musandam with friends, family, or a loved one, you will definitely find some exciting things to do in Musandam. Check out our list of top things you can try:

Dhow Cruise

The traditional Dhow cruise should be your top priority as soon as you step into Musandam. It is a thrill-filled sail which also helps you in navigating the exquisite fjords while you grasp the flavor of the place in style and comfort. The Arabian style cushions and carpets within the cruise will take you far away from your problems and city life!

Banana Boat Ride

If you are into adventure sports and activities, you should definitely be excited about the banana boat ride experience. This boat ride is enjoyable for people of all age groups, and both beginners and experts can do it.


Snorkeling offers a unique opportunity to explore the underwater world along with your friends in one of the most scintillating beaches around the world. The vivid aquatic life will surely take your breath away!

Dolphin Sighting

There is no need to explain this one. Who would miss the opportunity to sight the smartest animal on the planet, moving around the waters right in front of your eyes? Maybe you can get a lucky selfie with one of them!

Fishing and Visiting Fishermen’s Villages

The exquisite marine life around Musandam makes it a good place to try your hand at fishing. Visiting the fishermen’s village gives you the chance to converse with the local people and know more about their lifestyle. This would help you in admiring the place with all your heart.

Now that you have a complete insight into the routes, places to visit, things to do, and the various modes of transport, you are all set to make the much-awaited trip to Musandam. Make sure you select the best cruise package offers and enjoy the time of your life at Musandam!

Different styles of snorkeling and swimming:

The mountains and the water in Musandam Peninsula are completely different from others. This activity is completely under the supervision of experts to make your trip at Musandam very special.

Fort at Bukh:

Another essential part of the Musandam trip is fort at Bukh. The front gate designs, colors of the wall and the special designs on the walls make it very special.

Cruising in Musandam is one of the best parts Musandam Oman Trip. This cruising is so special because of the climatic conditions of Musandam are so favorable for cruising. Cruising in anyway special but if done on traditional Dhow then it can be fabulous. Musandam in Oman is a very stunning and should definitely be part of your trip when you visit Dubai. Take our complete one day cruise to Musandam to enjoy all the attractions of Musandam Oman. We also have many other packages for trip to Musandam Oman. You can always select the best trip that suits you.