How to check Dubai Visa Status?

When you are applying for a Visa to Dubai then you will have to attend the Dubai Visa interview and once you are done with the interview and if you are given a yellow paper sheet then you can find a visa case number written on the top of the yellow paper after the interview is completed.

Using the case number you will be able to track the Dubai Visa Status. Now you can check the status of the Dubai Visa online also.  You can visit the website here and give the case number given on the yellow sheet and then follow the steps specified in the yellow sheet.


Passport Submission and other required documents

In the website after entering the details and it is found to be approved then you need to then submit your passport to the consulate. It is always good not to buy the tickets or make any kind of arrangement until and unless you get the Visa to your hand as it may be approved or may not be approved due to any reasons. So it is better to plan your trip only after the approval of the Visa from the Consulate. You may sometimes be asked to submit other additional documents which you have not submitted at the time of applying for Visa or at the time of interview. So you need to drop in all the documents required at the Consulate office directly. You should not submit them online. And after submission of the documents you will have to check the status of visa again after few days of time.