Dubai Marina Sightseeing Cruise

The Dubai Marina is the conduit town in the Venetian custom, settled with a completely open shoreline of the Persian Gulf. The sightseeing cruise Dubai Marina has caught all the attention because of a vast number of visitors rush here to create wonderful memories in Dubai on the dhow. The beautiful cruises of Dubai Marina that carry passengers through the shopping malls of Dubai Marina that brings about the breath-taking views of excellent architecture.

The VDSF offer sightseeing cruise for Dubai Marina at amazingly best offer. Book your ride with and without dinner and enjoy the Marina Sightseeing with your dear one.

The visitors usually love the experience of the moniker Villas, garden homes and yachts as the visitors go through! The cruises for sightseeing of the Dubai Marina probe the significant waters of Dubai for a period of 60 minutes. Visitors can find a horizon in various shades of dim and gold and have a lot of chances for great photography in order for visitors to capture beautiful momentums.

Guide to Marina Sightseeing Cruise Journey

To start the sightseeing cruise of Dubai Marina, visitors will first board the yellow elastic watercraft from Dubai Marina Walk which stands opposite to the Spinney’s building.

The visit is ideal for the individuals who are short on time and need a charming experience at the beautiful and mesmerizingly urban Dubai Marina.

Unwind on board as the 1 hour Evening Sightseeing cruise and tour goes through the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina, the new Ain Dubai and the JBR beachfront as time passes and the morning sky turns grey to black. 

The boat will gradually voyage through the Dubai Marina as the guide who will be well conversed with the English language will call attention to the well-known points of interest of the most breathtaking marina on the planet.   

The dazzling skyscraper view from the boat is very thrilling at all given times of the day.



Interesting events/places

  • The Marina Yacht Club
  • Private Beaches and Hotels
  • The Dubai Marina Mall

Feasting on a journey with all the luxury under the starry sky can be a mesmerizing experience and better when it’s the Dubai Marina, it tends to be genuinely mystical. What can upgrade this experience additionally is the choice of going on a Dhow Dinner Cruise. Visitors can have a scrumptious and luxurious dinner of international as well as continental food under the night sky as you sail through the waterway and unwind with a glass of chilled juice or soda.

Important guidelines:

  • Additional charges amid public holiday depend upon the availability.
  • Additional Bank charges are a levy for making the payments through the credit card
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  •  In case of non-arrival of the visitor, there is no refund.
  • There is a full amount charged on cancellations made the day itself.