Jungle Bay Water Park, Dubai

What can be better than a water park on a sunny afternoon in Dubai? As the temperature goes high, all you want to do is be in and around water for the maximum time. Keeping in mind this requirement, Dubai has some of the most famous water parks in the world. There’s the Aquaventure Water Park, the Wild Wadi Water Park, the Laguna Water Park, the Legoland Water Park and the Jungle Bay Water Park. Among these water parks, Jungle Bay is one of the best. You would regret missing it on your next trip to Dubai.

Where is Jungle Bay Water Park in Dubai?

The Jungle Bay water park is located on the premises of Mina Seyahi, right next to the Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort. Entry to the park is free for those checking in at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and the Westin Dubai Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort. However, day visitors can also enjoy the complete experience of Jungle Bay Water Park by buying a pass at the hotel receptions. If you are going on a weekday, you will have to pay less. Children’s tickets also cost lesser than adult tickets.

Why should you go to the Jungle Bay water park?

Dubai is one of the tourist hotspots of the world. The entire city is designed around giving tourists the best possible experience. Naturally, a lot of money has gone into building infrastructure that can keep tourists coming back for more. The Jungle Bay water park is a fine example of such an infrastructure. It is a beautiful water park that offers a great view of the Persian Gulf. The entire park is designed in Meditteranean architecture with soothing Aegian vibes. There is ample greenery and blue waters to soothe your eyes and soul.

Another special feature of this water park is its size. Compared to other water parks in Dubai, the Jungle Bay water park is small. However, that is not a disadvantage. It makes the entire park intimate and compact. It is especially beneficial for parents who can keep an eye on their children no matter what they are doing.

The slides and rides in the park are also spacious. There is no risk of any mishap or accident and parents can comfortably ride on them with their children. Another great feature of the park is that it does not bar anyone from enjoying the rides. Even if you are a grown adult, you can enjoy all the rides.

For parents and those who visit without children, the Jungle Bay water park offers private cabanas. Here you can relax, unwind, and have fun without anyone bothering you for anything. You can enjoy the stunning Dubai skyline against the backdrop of the Persian Gulf. Once you are in the mood for more fun, check in at the private beach bar within the premises. It is a memorable experience to enjoy a drink while watching the shores and the skyscrapers.

Things to remember

Before visiting the Jungle Bay water park, remember that it is a property managed by the Mina Seyahi group. If you want to get a complete experience, it would be best to stay in one of their hotels within the premises. However, being a day visitor does not take away much from the experience and you can still have a lot of fun.