10 Places to Visit in Dubai for Free 2024

Jumeirah Beach

These are the list of 10 popular free places to visit in Dubai without spending a single penny. Starting from Free Wrestling, Jumeirah Beach to many such places. The people who want to bring out a change in their lives can decide to visit the top tourist places of Dubai. Yes, you can’t continue to give your best until you take proper rest and enjoy your life.

10 Free Tourist Attractions in Dubai, UAE

Travelling is one of the most essential parts of life and it is highly necessary that you choose to visit a place where you can enjoy a number of things for free. You won’t need to spend a single amount of money for visiting the following top ten tourist spots in Dubai:

1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

The people who want to visit the Jumeirah beach won’t have to pay a single amount of money. This is one of the best free attractions in Dubai. The people who will visit this beach will be able to enjoy the 800 meters long beach front. There are a lot of people who come here for jogging and taking showers in the sea. There are separate play areas for children and that’s why if you are bringing your child to Dubai, then you can take them at the Jumeirah Beach which is next to the Dubai Marine Beach Resort.

2. Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium

The people who want to view the main tank of the famous aquarium for free can decide to watch it from outside the mall. You don’t need to spend 70 AED for watching the view inside the aquarium because it is almost same from outside also. It is the world’s first largest acrylic panel in the aquarium and you can visit it anytime and any day of the week.  

3. Free Wrestling

Free Wrestling

You won’t need to pay a single penny for watching the wrestling in Dubai. You can enjoy watching the wrestling in the sand on the land of Dubai. Thre are various people who visit the wrestling court of Dubai for watching the kushti for free. You will be able to enjoy the best services provided by the Dubai.  

4. Free movie under the stars

Free movie under the stars

Wanna spend the Sunday night while watching the free movie? If yes, then you can go to the Pyramids Rooftop complex in Wafi complex. At that place, you will be able to watch the movie under the stars at night. This can be one of the best experiences and that’s why you should skip this plan of watching the movie under the stars.

5. Gold and Spice souks

Gold and Spice souks

You can roam the streets of the place where you can get the gold ornaments and unique spices of Dubai.

6. Yoga classes

Yoga classes

All the people who don’t want to spend a single penny can decide to visit the Yoga classes where they will be able to learn free things to do by the fitness trainers. You will be able to attend free yoga classes from the friends of yoga. There are five locations where you can get the free yoga classes in Dubai. You will be able to learn the ways to keep yourself healthy with the help of various yoga poses and exercises.

7. Dubai Fountains

Dubai Fountains

If you don’t want to spend money for watching the stunning fountains, then you can decide to visit the Dubai Fountains because they are totally free for the tourists and you can go to the Dubai mall outside which you will be able to find out these colorful fountains with music soundtrack along with it. When you want to view the Dubai fountains, then make sure that you reach early and get your place because the place becomes crowded at night. This place is listed under top places to visit during summer in Dubai, click over here to read in detail.

8. Camel Museum

Camel Museum

If you want to visit some places for free in Dubai, then Camel museum can be a nice choice. In the Al Shindagha area, you visit the Camel Museum which is one of the free places to visit in Dubai.

9. Racecourse


If you don’t want to spend your money at the racecourse but you want to see the horse race, then you can decide to visit the Meydan Racecourse home because, at the weekend, it is free for all the people to visit the race course. Without wasting your money, you will be able to see the stunning horse race.

10. Old Arabia

Old Arabia

The Madinet Jumeirah is an expensive designed Arabic monument and shows the unique architecture of Arabian Country. There are private canals and abras to the vaulted ceilings of the old buildings. It is one of the best places for clicking the pictures and you can go there by taking a taxi to MAdinet Jumeirah.


The people who are interested in visiting the tourist spots in Dubai for free can go at the ten places. These places are one of the best tourist spots which are loved by the travelers. You won’t need to go anywhere to else if you want to enjoy the free tourist places in the desert area of Dubai. You can book your tickets soon and roam around the corners of Dubai to get the full recreation of your body and mind.