Best Time To Visit Dubai Weather Wise

Which is the best time to visit Dubai as per Weather wise

Out of 12 months, few months are best time to visit Dubai as per Weather-wise, that will give you best climate to go out with your family and friends. Not at all like others nations, Dubai has only two seasons hot and extremely hot. However, visitors can relax due to the fact that everything in Dubai from open transport, shopping centers, and even buses are equipped with air conditioners. In spite of the fact that, guests can visit Dubai throughout the year, its best to tour around Dubai from November to March.

Which is the best time to visit Dubai as per Weather wise

Wondering what’s the best time to visit Dubai to make your trip memorable? Weather-wise, Dubai has mainly 02 seasons, for traveling and shipping.

What’s the best time to go out?

During daytime temperatures normal at around 30 degrees Celsius and drop majorly amid the night. Therefore, it is easier for visitors to go out after 5 pm.

Which is the best month to Visit Dubai?

Moreover, it’s the best time to appreciate desert safaris; the Dubai shopping celebration is additionally held in the month of January. The Overall climate is very peppy as the celebration of Christmas and New Year is done with unparalleled happiness. The most suitable time to visit Dubai is amid the winter season, which is from November to April. The months of January and February observe overwhelming traffic in view of the Dubai Shopping Festival, which lights up the entire city.

Month to month separation of Dubai’s climatic conditions:


April to October

The heat starts to increase by April and May. The months of Summer in Dubai are outrageously humid, making it relatively difficult to step outside. In any case, all shopping centers and stores are equipped with air conditioners and visitors can take the joy of shopping.

November to March

Winters in Dubai span from November to April and this is the ideal time to visit Dubai. The climate is lovely and suitable for a wide range of outside exercises. Also, the much-cherished Dubai Shopping Festival takes places in the month of January-February and that is the point at which visitors will notice massive amounts of the crowd in Dubai. As this is known to be the peak season, airfares and the rates of hotels tend to go extremely high. Visitors must book well ahead of time to get the most ideal rates and maintain a strategic distance from any kind of trouble or delay.

Visitors from everywhere throughout the world visit Dubai during the month of January, and the shopping malls are full of people. However, Dubai is visited the least in the months of April and October due to the unbearable heat and the humid climate.

The day and evening time temperatures can be very high. Furthermore, the sacred month of Ramadan falls amid May and June. Amid this time, all shopping centers, stores and so on stay shut from nightfall to dawn. Visitors are not permitted to eat outside or consume liquor. It is no surprise that Dubai bids farewell to its visitors during the months of summer. Amid this season the heat is extreme, and in spite of the fact that scarce there is rainfall, levels are of humidity frequently around 90 percent or more. A climate as such makes any activity that is outdoors impossible including spending a day at the beach.

To shield themselves from getting a heat stroke, visitors avoid going outdoors particularly amid afternoons, consume a lot of water and apply sunscreen. Fortunately, visitors won’t need to stress over finding an extra hotel room. Costs will commonly be lower than they are amid this season, yet will not be a major difference. Remember: If you’re in Dubai amid Ramadan, business hours will be shorter and the nightlife scene is calmer in comparison the other months of the year. At the time of Ramadan, from sunrise to sunset Muslims don’t eat, smoke or drink. The dates for Ramadan are different as per the lunar calendar.