Desert Safari Dubai Tour Estimated Cost Per Person

We sanitize our vehicles and Desert camp after every single use as per the guidelines of UAE government. 

Here is the secret revealed about the Desert Safari Dubai Cost per Person, believe it or not but it can start as low as 100 AED, depending upon you choose the package. Find more detail and offers here. Are you an adventure freak? Do you want to jazz up your trip of adventure with a dose of exotic culture? If you are the wanderer who seeks both adventure and entertainment, Dubai is the best place for you to be, as Dubai brings you a unique experience of a desert safari. At a desert safari in Dubai, you will find the perfect blend of nature, culture, and entertainment, along with an adrenaline rush. Price of desert safari in Dubai based on per person

Dubai Safari - Standard to Luxury

Arabian Desert Safari

Dubai Desert has always created an impression of delightful that with passage of time will turns out to be wonderful moment of your life. Cost for Tour :   USD $ 42  Per Adult & USD $ 35  Per Child Timing for Tour: 3-30 Pm to 9-30 Pm (6 hours)  

Morning Desert Safari

The unforgettable morning desert safari in Dubai is perfect for family and couple who wanted to enjoy this tour in early morning. USD $ 44  Per Adult & USD $ 38  Per Child Timing for Tour :  9-00 Am to 12-30 Pm (3 & half hours)

Jeep Safari Dubai

For those who are not quite familiar with this, it is a tour wherein a jeep or hummer or Toyota land cruiser runs like crazy on sand dunes. Cost for Tour :  USD $ 48  Per Adult & USD $ 42 Per Child Timing for Tour: 3-30 Pm to 9-30 Pm (6 hours)  

Hummer Desert Safari

Travelling in a hummer that also in the desert of Dubai is an amazing experience.  Hummer safari in Dubai in those parts of the desert that has huge sand dunes is very exciting. Cost for Tour : AED  399  Per Adult & AED 299  Per Child Timing for Tour :  3-30 Pm to 9-30 Pm (6 hours)

Hatta Mountain Safari Tours

If you desire to depart from the hustle bustle of the city and experience adventure in your life then Hatta Mountain Tour is considered to be the choice of all. Cost for Tour :  AED 350  Per Adult & AED 320  Per Child Timing for Tour :  8-30 am to 2-30 Pm (6 hours)

Dune Buggy Quad bike Dubai

Apart from travelling on camel backs through the desert in Dubai, dune buggy and quad bike can also be used to travel through the undulating sand dunes of the desert. Cost for Tour :  USD $ 99  Per Adult & USD $ 68  Per Child Timing for Tour :  9-30 Am to 12-30 Pm (3 hours)

Dubai Overnight Safari

Discover the overnight desert safari in Dubai to enjoy the spectacular evening starting from dune bashing, camel & horse ride, traditional dinner, Arabian dance, overnight tent and bonfire.  Timing for Tour :  3-30 Pm to 7-30 Am (16 hours)

Dubai Desert dinner

While visiting Dubai some tourists prefer having a great time in the desert without going for the camel ride and dune bashing. For such tourists, dinner in the desert is the best way to have a good time in the desert of Dubai. Cost for Tour :  USD $ 38  Per Adult & USD $ 30 Per Child Timing for Tour :  3-30 Pm to 9-30 Pm (6 hours)

Camel Riding in Dubai

In Dubai, Camel ride is one such experience you would never like to forget. While you ride on the back of this ship that sails in the desert, you get the best view of the sand dunes that touches the horizon. Cost for Tour :  USD $ 68  Per Adult & USD $ 48 Per Child Timing for Tour :  9-00 Am to 12-30 Pm (3 & half hours)

The desert safari trips in Dubai are generally conducted by tour companies or hotels, who provide you with pre-decided packages as well as customized trips so that you can make the best out of your desert safari. The trips generally commence at around 3 in the afternoon, when the tour company or the hotel pick you up from your resort in a vehicle of your choice. For your desert safari, you get to choose among land cruisers, buggies, motorbikes or other automobiles of your choice, which would take you to the first exciting activity of the day, known as ‘dune bashing’. The activity of dune bashing involves a buggy, quad bike or motorcycle tour of the beautiful sand dunes of Dubai, guided by professionals who would ensure safety and security at all times while providing the rider with the thrill of an amazing adventure. The equipment and other gears shall be provided by the conductors of the tour. Dune bashing will be followed by a stop at a campsite where the tourist will be allowed to ride camels and get henna tattoos, along with other means to explore the local flavors of the deserts in Dubai.

The dinner during the desert safari in Dubai is also a grand affair, as the tour conductors provide their customers with a delightful buffet with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, along with soft drinks, tea, and sheesha. Entertainment is provided during dinner by exotic belly dancers and tanoura dancers, who charm the visitors with their marvelous moves.

The usual tour of the Dubai safari generally finishes by 9:30 PM, as the journey, ends with a trip back to the hotel, which may take an additional which 45 minutes to around an hour to reach. The drop-off to your hotel shall also be conducted by the tour company arranging for the desert safari. For those who want a little more out of the desert safari, there are provisions for staying overnight in the desert.

The cost of the trips to the desert safari in Dubai depends largely on the duration of a person who is going to stay, the activities that you participate in, the modern of transportation you travel by, and the travel company that you choose. The average cost per person for a desert safari in Dubai ranges from 100 AED to 1000 AED. The trips are generally available at lower prices on weekdays, as the number of visitors remains lower than usual. Various other deals and discounts can also be spotted via multiple tourism companies.