Things to do during Eid in Dubai

Not sure what things to do during the Eid festival in 2022? Check this list to celebrate holy Eid with family and friends. You must visit these places that includes fireworks, offers, lottery, great deals and much more. Dubai celebrates the festival of Eid with great pomp. This grand celebration continues throughout the month and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to witness such splendor. The city is adorned with glistening lights and is hustling and bustling with activities with never will a dull moment! From young children to the elderly, Dubai showcases and offers an array of activities to captivate people in its evergreen charm.

Eid in Dubai

Let’s sneak peek into the five most popular things to do in Dubai during Eid:

Modhesh World

What would be more perfect than an entire summer festival in Dubai! Open from 22 June to 4 August this year, Modesh World brings with it happy times. Choc-a-block with activities and bursting with fun, this event surely is one place to be in with the entire family. Although it is more focused on kids, engaging them in live activities and challenges, it has been equally appealing to the adults as well because of its variety. From games to challenges and shopping Modesh World is a must visit during Eid.

Musical Concerts

For all those music lovers out there, Eid is the best time of the year to unwind and rejuvenate through world class Arabic music and soulful singing. During this time of the year, Dubai houses few of the finest musical concerts bringing forth the best of Emirate’s singers.   Sway to the top charting tunes and leave the worry behind. Not only that these concerts are hosted in few of the finest venues of Dubai which doubles the fun!

Theme Parks

Dubai houses few of most exciting theme parks which guarantee thrill and entertainment. Spend an action packed day at the IMG Worlds, the world’s; largest indoor theme park. It has high speed roller coasters, superhero based characters and sets as well as a dinosaur themed ride as well. It’s a hot favorite all year round but what makes it perfect during summers because of its indoor air conditioning. Stroll through the alleys of the site for a whiff of good food and live interactive shows which quadruplets during the festive season. A surely must visit for adventure seekers. Also check the Bollywood theme park detail here.

Shopping Festivals

Splurge in high end fashion shopping during the various shopping promotions in Dubai at this time of the year. Several lucky draws, contests and discounts are popular during this shopping festival which offers you the best possible brands at best possible deals. So grab a bag and head towards the stores in the magnanimous malls located all across the city. This is an absolute favorite for the shoppers and the spendthrifts! Be sure to be there!

Eid Fireworks

The city witnesses the most enthralling sight on the day of celebration. Musical fireworks lit up the night sky with thousands of people all across globe gathered to witness the spectacular sight. Don’t miss this if you are around in Dubai during Eid.

Desert Safaris or A City tour

A quick city tour is always a treat for the wanderers and travelers. Since it’s hot, an evening or night cruise over the canal is most enjoyable, seeping in the beauty of the city at a distance from the shore. Alternatively a night at the desert is also a rewarding experience. Certain special arrangements are made during the festive season which is an added treat!

Though we have just listed the most popular activities in Dubai during Eid, it is best advisable to check the Dubai Calendar for a more detailed list.  Witness Dubai in its paramount glory during this upcoming festive season and liven your soul!