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The 10 Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Are you in Dubai and looking for the best Instagrammable places?? This list provides 10 such places you must visit to take selfie and share it on social sites.  Dubai with all its glory and jazz is a place which witness a zillion steps across its perfectly laid streets and amazingly beautiful skyscrapers! From the vast golden desert to the magnificent beaches, Dubai is the hub of tourism and a place worth a visit. People from across the globe fly to this majestic land to witness its charm and bring back and share their fond memories with the rest of their known ones. Gone are the days of photo prints and long hours of waiting for that one perfect click. Thanks to Instagram which has turned photographing into a whole new concept and moreover fun! As the name says Instant is the key! With just a few clicks of the mobile button the entire world comes to know what’s new, beautiful and interesting!

10 Instagrammable Places in Dubai to take selfie

Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Places in Dubai

So next time you visit Dubai do keep this list handy to get those perfect Instagrammable shots in Dubai to get that fame and praise! Here we go!

Burj Khalifa

The most checked in spot is also one of the hotspots and a World famous site for photographs. Whether in the backdrop or inside it this monument is a must have in the bucket list for travel. An Insta pic is worth a million comments from its observation deck with 163 total floors. It not only offers the panoramic beauty of the entire city but is the perfect spot for that perfect photo!

Jumeirah Beach

The sparkling blue green waters will take your breath away and an Insta pic comes naturally. With smooth white sand and beautiful monuments at its backdrop, the Jumeirah beach is a perfect spot for that romantic click. This public beach is laden with activities and resting spots, perfect for pictures which looks straight out of the travel magazine.

The Dubai Mall

For all those fashion lovers, this is the hub of the world famous brands! Feel like a king or a queen in front of these grand designer shops and celebrity or not an Insta pic will surely grab all the attention you need to feel like a superstar!

Atlantis The Palm

One picture of this magnificent hotel speaks volumes on its own. This architectural marvel is the perfect backdrop for that picture you always wanted to click in front of a world famous hotel which is a city on its own. Yes it’s that grand!

Miracle Garden

With a blast of colors and innovative garden sculpturing, Miracle Garden will surely make your pictures looks pretty and colorful. This place is marked by bright colors and perfectly manicured lawns and an apt place for Instagram pictures.

The Emirate Mall

Grand is the word which fits snuggly and you will surely boast of your presence in this mall. It has over 700 stores and houses a large indoor skiing mall. Sounds good to amaze everyone with snow around in Dubai!

Burj Al Arab

Yet another landmark monument in Dubai, Burj AL Arab is a luxury hotel located on Jumeirah beach. While strolling on the golden sands, click a picture with this glorious hotel on your backdrop! This sale shaped hotel will surely fetch you oodles of compliments from your Insta fans!

The Arabian Desert

How can you miss the vast stretch of nothingness but sand under your feet experience while in Dubai! And how can you miss taking a picture in the midst of wilderness! Whether sand dunning, camel riding or just simply walking through the sands of time, don’t forget this place for a good picture to take back with you or rather say post on Instagram for that Inst fame!

Dubai Creek

This dry land surely has a gorgeous canal to cruise through lazily, basking in the warmth of the setting sun and enjoying the skyscraper laden panorama. While enjoying the breeze and the sunset in a traditional dhow it’s a good time and place to click a few pictures for your Instagram profile.

Gold! Did I hear gold! Yes! How can we forget the gold souks in Dubai! There is a whole market dedicated with over 250 gold shops solely dedicated for delicately carved gold ornaments and bricks. Whether royal or not, you will surely feel like a king once you visit this. Even if you don’t buy it’s worth it to take a picture with all the gold dazzling on you! Yes they do allow you to wear them. Glitter like the city!

Now that we have spoken the Insta places of Dubai, don’t forget to take this list with you next time you visit the incredible city!