Top 10 Places to Visit in Sharjah for Free in 2024

Popular places to visit in Sharjah city for free

These are the top 10 places to Visit in Sharjah for free and without any tickets. You can do several free activities in these tourist places, have a look.  Sharjah, more popularly known as the cultural capital of the UAE is a hidden gem in all respects. It houses few of the most picturesque places on Earth and is a perfect destination for the entire family. From the youngest to the oldest, Sharjah welcomes and offers entertainment for all!

Popular places to visit in Sharjah city for free

Places to Visit for Free in Sharjah

Sharjah comes with a heavy price tag for its visitors but nevertheless there are these top 10 amazing places which won’t cost even a dime. Let’s explore these beauties:

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Enlighten yourself about the city’s rich cultural heritage and fill your mind with useful and amazingly interesting facts about its history. The museum itself is an architectural masterpiece with golden yellow walls and a conspicuous globe and a stroll along its hallways and chamber is rewarding in its own way.

Also check Zayed National Museum which is located in Abu Dhabi city.

Central Market

Also popularly known as the Blue Souk’, this market is a landmark of Sharjah. Intricately decorated with small blue tiles forming beautiful designs. There are over six hundred shops displaying all sorts of traditional items from clothes, jewelry and household items. A visit might cost you nothing but you are surely to indulge in compulsive shopping once here! The Arabian Bazaar is a must visit once in the Central Market.

Khalid Lagoon

This place offers breathtaking views of the world’s third highest fountain. The tranquil view of the blue water of the lagoon is surely to leave you mesmerized. Spend a quiet and romantic time with your partner and seep in the beauty of the place as you bask in its glory.

Qanat Al Qasba

This fun place is marked by the presence of the Ferris wheel or ‘Eye of the Emirates’. Packed with interactive activities, Al Qasba is a perfect place to spend family time. If you don’t want to spend much on riding the wheel, simply laze around and enjoy watching the fun activities while taking a stroll along the beautiful canal.

Al Noor Island

This public park is locate amidst the waters of the lagoon off the Corniche street connect by a bridge. The Noor Island has uniquely landscaped gardens and butterfly fly too. Absorb all the fresh air and look around to find lush green spots to revive back your energy.

Sharjah Heritage Area

Packed with interesting history of Sharjah this place is marked by vintage homes, souks and towers. The sand colored Al Midfaa is unique for its windy tower which kept the ancient people from the scorching heat of the day.

You can consider to going for Ajman Sharjah city tour which is located in heart of the Sharjah.

Buried Village

The adventurous lot can flock to this ghost town. Engulfed and destroyed by the desert sand, this deserted village is sure to send chills down your spine. The place is off the Al Madam village and houses are still intact even after the lapse of several years. The place is deserted but would be n adventurous getaway from the din of the city costing nothing for exploring.

Al Majaz Waterfront

During festive season, this place is packed with free activities. Simply sitting by and gazing the water jets dancing to the music are rewarding in its own way. The play area and jogging track makes the place even more appealing to people of all age groups.


There are a number of beaches to pick from in Sharjah, each unique in its own way. The Sharjah Beach, Mumzar Beach and the Al khan Beach are the most popular ones where you can spend the day or the dusk feeling the cool blue waters and enjoy the sunset over a picnic hamper and some cool games.

While Jumeirah beach is among the top beaches in UAE.

Sharjah Art Museum

All those creative people and art lover can drop in a visit for free to this amazing place which houses few of the finest pieces of modern and contemporary artwork from artists all across the UAE. The museum houses art pieces spread across two floor and has a hall for art exhibitions as well.

Who said beautiful places com with a price tag! Go ahead and enjoy these amazing places in Sharjah for free!

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